"Altamira Band Show. It was a merengue band based in New York, created by the prominent Dominican artist Wilfrido Vargas in the 80's. Precisely, the name of the formation, Altamira, corresponds to that of the city in which its popular founder was born. Altamira Banda Show was a spawn of Wilfrido Vargas, founded in New York with a very modern concept for the 80s era both in the musical line and in his choreography on the stage and from the first moment this orchestra played merengue. Some of his themes that got and drew much attention in festive environments such as Banana, Quit my hand, Amorcito de mi alma, The detective, Paran bread and especially La gallinita that so gracefully sings that "good chicken" merengue Sonia Mena and who still look for followers of this music that enjoyed her in her youth. The band was directed by the outstanding musician, arranger and composer Eduardo Ramos and although there has been in recent times a revival of those figures from the golden age of the merengue of the 70s, 80s and 90s, which are organized in a "come you "for special presentations."
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