Anaal Nathrakh

"Anaal Nathrakh was created for one purpose - to be the soundtrack for armageddon, the audial essence of evil, hatred and violence, the true spirit of necro taken to its musical extremes... In the beginning of 1999, Anaal Nathrakh recorded their first demo, "Anaal Nathrakh". Later the same year in September, another demo, "Total Fucking Necro", was produced. They made a deal with Leviaphonic Records and both demos were released on a disc titled "Total Fucking Necro - Double Demo Assault". The release was a hit in the underground. Never before had they heard such raw, brutal music before. Even the legendary Mayhem praised them after they had heard Anaal Nathrakh's cover of "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". The band's debut CD, "The Codex Necro", which was released in 2001, was voted best newcomer of 2001 and best album of the year in the magazine Terrorizer. Anaal Nathrakh's latest album, "When Fire Rains Down From the Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown", followed in 2003. The EP featured the legendary Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Aborym, Tormentor) and Seth Teitan 131 (Aborym). "
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