"Born (January 5, 1981) and raised in Ontario, Canada, Joel Zimmerman is a Progressive House/Minimal Trance and Techno Producer and DJ. His personal label is called Mau5trap Recordings and was born in 2007. The name deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse) comes from an incident where a mouse crawled into Joel Zimmerman's computer. Dead mouse was too long for a site login name so he abbreviated it to be "deadmau5". His first official release dates back to 2000 under the alias Dred And Karma. He produced and remixed more than 300 tracks since about 2005, the same year he released his first album under the name deadmau5 "Get Scraped". Deadmau5 first gained popularity in 2008, when he released "Random Album Title" signed by Ultra Records and Ministry Of sound for the European country. "Faxing Berlin", "I Remember" and "Not Exactly" were the main hits and with that album he change the ways of american progressive house and electro house in general. Since 2008 his popularity has grown exponentially with them following one another "For Lack Of A Better Name" in 2009 and "4x4=12" in 2010. During the years he always remixed some tracks and produced music with other friends: BSOD (2) together with Steve Duda and WTF? with also Tommy Lee and Chester Deitz. His albums between 2008 and 2010 contains some of his bigger hits and deadmau5 was acclaimed and wanted all over the world. In 2010 he also launched his personal Cube Live tour composed by a big led cube and a led 'mau5head' where he performs with live set and instruments like Moog voyager, Nordlead etc. Since then he has completed many more live tours with various versions of the Cube, with the most recent being the Cube 3.0 tour which began in late August 2019."
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