Mama Papa

by La Force

Sep 07, 2018
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Jake Turner


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Lyrics for Mama Papa by La Force:

Contain me
I can't contain myself within this body
Like a domino
My head has fallen into my chest

Mama mama mama
My head is beyond my head
Papa papa papa
Not feeling my best

I got phantom limbs
Phantom feelings
Phantom words
Phantom beings of you

Your smile is growing cold
Cheshire vanishing
All the words
Double meanings
Come unglued

I got a fear of being told
That you're a lost soul

Got a
Fear being old
Fear of being too bold
Or feeling nothing at all

Fear of never being
Serenaded by a young man
With a song in his throat

I'll be listening for a melody
That takes me to nowhere and back

I've got a
Fear of being closed
Fear of being cold
Fear of growing folds over my heart
No blood no life left in me

Fear take it back

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