Dark Dark Energy

by Slow Mass

Sep 09, 2016
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“Just discovered these via the DrownedInSound forums. Emo. Proper Emo. ”

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Lyrics for Dark Dark Energy by Slow Mass:

A new perverse thought
A new power play
The same old habits done in a different way
I love my best friends or so I say
I've been exiled from my home city
I'll own you all soon under a different name
I love my enemies or so I say

The same dark thoughts provide the dark energy
The same blind eyes give it the light of day

A new mechanic using your old ways
Still stays broken
Still charged the same
I love the cheated until today
A new interest
Several surroundings
Kept a lost cause
Left silent today
I still feel cheated
Or so I say

With all my trust in the world

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