The Worst Band In The World

by 10cc

May 28, 1974

Lyrics for The Worst Band In The World by 10cc:

Verse 1
It's one thing to know it but another to admit
We're the worst band in the world
But we don't give up

Verse 2
If Garbo played guitar
With Valentino on the drums
Then we'd be nothing more than a bunch of Dharma bums
So tune up
Tune up

Verse 3
Well we've never done a days work in our life
And our records sell in zillions
It irrigates my heart with greed
To know that you adore me
Up yours, up mine
But up everybody's? That takes time!
But we're working on it
Working on it (Ooh)

Verse 4
We never seen the van - leave it to the roadies
Never met the roadies - leave them in the van
All because of circumstances way beyond control
We became the darlings of this thing called rock and roll, ooh

Verse 5
Here I am a record on a jukebox
A little piece of plastic with a hole, ooh
Play me
Buy me and you play me then my plastic turns to gold

Here we are together on your hi-fi
A little piece of plastic with a hole, oh
Fade me, fade me, fade me, fade me...

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Song Facts

This is a joke on how most bands today don’t give a damn about the quality of their music nor their fans that actually support them and just uses catchy choruses and stupid lyrics to sell records while they barely do anything and let their record labels handle everything

The song has no chorus,random beat switches,hypnotizing melodies and has witty yet catchy lyrics that contrast the uniuqe style of the band with the stupidty of “the worst band in the world” that are popular today

This song is also sampled in the intro track of J Dilla’s classic album called workinonit

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