Miguel's Happy Dance

by Thundercat


Lyrics for Miguel's Happy Dance by Thundercat:

Do the fuckin' happy dance
Even when you're really fuckin' mad
I guess that it's supposed to subside
Even though you're probably really mad
Even if you're really, really sad
You can probably be worse
Just have that sink in for a while
It's okay if it's not goin' your way
It never was
Don't believe their hype
It's probably all covered in lies
I should take my own advice
Even if it hurts, it's always gonna hurt the same
Hurt the same
Dance away the pain
It's gonna be alright
Just do the fuckin' dance
Even if you started to cry
It's okay
Everything will be alright
Take your time, Rome wasn't built in a day
It's okay, it's time to dance away your pain
It's alright
Just do the happy dance
Even if you're not alright
It's okay
Joy inside your pain
That's alright
Sometimes pain, it just fades
And then you'll breathe
Just dance
You will be alright
Keep dancin'
Even though you're not alright again
It's alright
The sun will eventually shine

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Song Facts

Thundercat attempts to convince the listener(and probably also homself) to simply “dance” through their pain, with the promise that things will work out if they just keep dancing.

Possibly a commentary on how often people are advised to work through/ignore their emotional problems/depression with a false image of joy

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