My Pal Foot Foot

by The Shaggs


Lyrics for My Pal Foot Foot by The Shaggs:

My pal's name is Foot Foot (Foot Foot)
He always likes to roam
My pal's name is Foot Foot (Foot Foot)
I never find him home

I go to his house
Knock at his door
People come out and say
Foot Foot don't live here no more

My pal Foot Foot (Foot Foot)
Always likes to roam
My pal Foot Foot (Foot Foot)
Now he has no home

Where will Foot Foot go
What will Foot Foot do
Oh, Foot Foot
I wish I could find you

I've looked here, I've looked there
I've looked everywhere
Oh, Foot Foot
Why can't I find you?

Foot Foot, where can you be?
Foot Foot, why won't you answer me?
Foot Foot, oh, Foot Foot
Wherever you are
I want you to come home with me

I don't have time to roam
I have things to do
I have to go home
Oh, Foot Foot, where are you?

If Foot Foot didn't like to roam so well
He would still have a place to dwell
Foot Foot, please answer me
I know where you are
You're behind that tree

Foot Foot, please come to me
Foot Foot, now that you're here
Won't you come home
Foot Foot, promise me this
That you will never again roam

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Song Facts

“My Pal Foot Foot”, arguably the Shaggs' most famous song, is about the band’s lost cat Foot Foot. The song features various essential elements of the Shaggs' sound – out of tune guitars, various vocal lines that lack harmony, and perhaps most notably, a drum solo that the Chicago Tribune described as “sounding like the kit’s components are being dropped one at a time down a flight of stairs”.

The song’s legacy has lived on well into the 21st century, and Dot Wiggin would go on to record an “updated” version of “My Pal Foot Foot” titled “Your Best Friend”, which appears on her 2013 solo album with the Dot Wiggin Band.

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