by Sepultura

Sep 02, 1993

Lyrics for Territory by Sepultura:

Unknown man
Speaks to the world
Sucking your trust
A trap in every word

War for territory
War for territory

Choice control
Behind propaganda
Poor information
To manage your anger

War for territory
War for territory

Dictator's speech
Blasting off your life
Rule to kill the urge
Dumb asshole's speech

Years of fighting
Teaching my son
To believe in that man
Racist human being
Racist good will live
Shame and regret
Of the pride
You've once possessed

War for territory
War for territory

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Song Facts

“Territory” is the second track from the album Chaos A.D. The song written by Andreas Kisser , and released also and as a single on October 5, 1993 “Territory” remains as one of Sepultura’s most popular tracks and is still regularily played live by Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy and Soulfly

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