Light Speed

by Grieves

Mar 08, 2011
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Lyrics for Light Speed by Grieves:

Verse I
Born blind in the winter with an empty head
The snow covered up the Camry, the whole house slept
Drawing pictures in the bed, waking up and racing down the stairs trying to catch my breakfast
Was so simple, superman, trick or treat, wet socks
Bike rides in the summer to the best spots
Could've sworn I was king with the best odds
Running 'round with the dogs in the backyard
Growing, never knowing what the past done
Living life like the mystery of packed lunch
Getting whooped in the playground, scratched up
Coming home after school on the last bus
Back then it was all about laughs
Hit the corner store for the new Fleer packs
Mom was a religion and happiness was a fact
It’s a shame how the time goes past
Moving so fast

It’s like I’m moving at light speed
Slow Down

You need to slow down every once in a while, sometimes
To see how the world goes round
You need to slow down every once in a while
Cause you don’t know, you don’t know
You don’t need to go so fast

Verse II
Things changed and the pops job got an offer
Packed up moved out down to Colorado
Sunshine, clean air, not a lot of problems
That’s when I discovered Pogs and Tamagochi
Time passed and the friends found punk, yeah
Or whatever man, a lot of it was junk, but we loved it
Made us feel cool, little dumb kids, running 'round just for fun doing dumb shit
I was lighting all my candles at both ends
Warren Lake getting drunk with the friends
I was trying to stay positive, even though I pretended it helped, cause back home I was lacking a happy ending for all
Saw a lot of tall trees fall in the name of an addiction
My sister taught me to follow
I cracked, cleaned up and the bags packed, and swore that I would never go back
Moving so fast


Verse III
19 I decided I was done with it
Hit Seattle with a head full of drum rhythms
Falling in and out of love with these young women
Thinking they can make a change in the blood given
Nah, I was too young to face it
Working two jobs still thinking I could make it
Local all-star still singing from his basement
Finally got a shot and I’ve been working every day since
Found love in the city where the Angels fly
Put a record out with Joshua, and made our climb
Came home after two years playing our rhymes
Just to find my little Angel was no more mine
Parted ways with a friend, it was not easy
Made a leap to the future and got queasy
Started working on the things that had lost reason
Now I’m sitting with a pad, moving so fast…


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Song Facts

The lead single off of Grieves’s 2011 Rhymesayers LP, Together/Apart

Grieves reminisces about his childhood, progressing into his teenage years.

The hook interpolates the track You by Atmosphere. “You” appeared on When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

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