Digital Bath

by Deftones

Jun 20, 2000

Lyrics for Digital Bath by Deftones:

Verse 1
You move like I want to
To see like your eyes do
We are downstairs
Where no one can see
New life break away

Tonight, I feel like more
Tonight, I

Verse 2
You make the water warm
You taste foreign
And I know you can see
The cord break away

'Cause tonight I feel like more
Tonight I feel like more
Feel like more

You breathed, then you stopped
I breathed, then dried you off

And tonight I feel
Feel like more
Oh, tonight I feel like
Feel like more
Tonight I feel like more
Feel like more

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Song Facts

Digital Bath is the second track and third single of Deftones' widely successful flagship album White Pony. Upon first listen, it is a hauntingly beautiful song that could be played during a late-night cruise. One critic wrote:

“Digital Bath”, “Knife Prty”, and “Change” are all defined by the ghostly samples in the background that perfectly match Chino’s Vocals and the wonderful harmonic phrasing on those songs.

Diving further into the song, however, we learn that it is written about luring a girl into a bathtub, killing her with an electrical device, and then dressing her back up. Chino Moreno, lead vocalist of Deftones on Digital Bath:

The song itself, if you took the lyrics out of it and you listen to just the melodies and the song, you wouldn’t think that it would be a violent song. It’s a prettier, spacier song.

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