Squirrel Song

by Shellac

Aug 08, 2000
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“...and there were thousands...”

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Lyrics for Squirrel Song by Shellac:

This is a sad fucking song
We'll be lucky if I don't bust out crying

How does it feel?
Your night light, your curling iron
Lit up by the sweat of others
For many's the day
But not from November to May

The floor is littered
With woodchips and apple cores
And hulls of acorns
There is a chattering sound

Because they were squirrels; real squirrels
(And there were thousands)

This isn't some kind of metaphor
Goddamn, this is real

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Song Facts

In an interview with Robert Becraft for F News Magazine, Steve Albini said:

The Squirrel Song is basically just a short story. It’s just about this guy who becomes suspicious of the power of the distribution grid and he wants to separate himself from it, so he builds a squirrel-powered generating plant so that way he can be self-sufficient. The problem is, of course, he has all these squirrels, and he then has to tend all the squirrels, and it takes up all his time. And they only really generate enough power to keep the lights on in the squirrel house. Even then, they hibernate all winter. Also, this dude has invented this boogie man [in] the power grid, [and] he decides to sidestep it by building a squirrel power plant that ends up totally consuming his life – and it doesn’t accomplish what he wants it to.

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