Front Toward Enemy

by Baroness

May 03, 2019

“Badass album opener”

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Lyrics for Front Toward Enemy by Baroness:

So, I lied
It was a cold summer
By fall, true winter flows like a virgin spring

Verse 1
We're headed for disaster
But I won't close my eyes until it's over
So carry on
Some wars I gladly died in
But most fights only got me bloody
I carried on
And when every drop of blood I shed
Was spilled in vain
I carried on

We're headed for disaster
Front toward enemy
We can only face
Front toward enemy

Front toward enemy

Verse 2
There's a mile of rope that lays between my shoulders
It doesn't mean that I intend to hang
And I'm not afraid of dying
Like I know I should be

So, I lied
It was a cold summer
By fall, winter's truth will flow like a virgin spring

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Song Facts

‘Front Toward Enemy’ opens ‘Gold & Grey’ with the type of fury that fans have come to expect. Sludgy, unrelenting riffing dominates the track with some twists and turns thrown in to push the band into new territory.

The track was initially released as part of Adult Swim’s ‘Metal Swim 2’ compilation.

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