I Want Wind to Blow

by The Microphones

Sep 25, 2001

Lyrics for I Want Wind to Blow by The Microphones:

Verse 1
The Thunderclouds
Broke up
And the rain dried up, the lightning let up
The clacking shutters just shut up

Verse 2
There's no black or white, no change in the light
No night, no golden sun
The sound of cars, the smell of bars
The awful feeling of electric heat
Under fluorescent lights, there's sacrifice
There's hard feelings, there's pointless waste

I want wind to blow

Verse 3
My clothes off me, sweep me off my feet
Take me up, don't bring me back
Oh, where I can see days pass by me
I have no head to hold in grief

Verse 4
But there's no hope for me, I've been set free
There's no breeze, there's no ship on my sea


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Song Facts

The first song on The Microphones' third and most well-known album, The Glow Pt. 2. In the aftermath of a catastrophic event (most probably a breakup), all the commotion and turmoil has died down. Now that he’s all alone, all he wants is change – for wind to blow and take him anywhere else.

This song sets up the tone of the aftermath of loss for the whole album, as well as the themes of using nature as a way to cope with emotion and the overwhelming feeling that something big has been lost.

This track was featured on the Song Exploder podcast, in which Phil dissects the musical and lyrical development of the song.

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