by Lil Darkie with: Eric North,JOHNNASCUS,Half Metal Kaiba,BLCKK,BRUHMANEGOD,LiL CUBENSiS,Royalty the Kidd,Afourteen,Wendigo


Lyrics for METHHEAD FREESTYLE by Lil Darkie:

Intro: Afourteen, BRUHMANEGOD & Eric North
Hello, my name is Afourteen and I was not here for the first half of the recording of this song
But, I'm just here to say, that, meth is bad kids
And you should not be doing that 'cause it will hurt you very bad
Oh, brother, this guy stinks
Ayy, yuh (Yuh)
Ayy, ayy

Verse 1: Eric North
Bitch, do not talk 'til you suck on my dick
And my pet got a dick so you sucking his dick
I pull my dick to the back of my hips
And I talk to your bitch about horoscope shit
Bitch, fuck a jet, fuck Lears
All of these pipes full of meth
Looking like a big bundle of chandeliers, ayy
Dragging my dick on the floor
And it pushes my dick through the carpet and tickled me more
Pocket full of cum and I might throw it on a heater
Cum burns in my lungs, lil' baby take a breather, ayy
My pipe broke because last night I lit it too hot
Now my body super high (Fuck me)

Yuh-yuh, yuh-yuh
Yuh-yuh, yuh-yuh
Yuh-yuh, yuh-yuh

Stop, stop when I stop (Stop)
Drop, when it drop (Drop)
Flock, when they flock (Flock)
Dreams run amok
Count sheep, run on me (Run on me)
Counting, they trample me (C'mon)
Trample me, trample me, trample me
Trample me, trample me, tra-
Black goat walk to me in humanoid form
Stabs me through the neck with its black horn
Then I levitate, levitate, levitate, levitate, with my own head
Look into the eyes and they are dead
Taste the juicy pupils, I'm my own pupil
Plaster it on a wall, nothing matters, my new name is Paul (Ow)
Demon of sex, rip my penis from the chest
Give birth through the belly button
My newborn will bring universal destruction
The laws of time will cease to function

I'm in madhouse, ten-down, take the trash out
Stand down, you ain't got eyes, pull the strands out
Walkin' whack, in the alley smokin' smack, still in shacks, shit
Back to back to back to back, I dragged it
Heavy breathin' down ya' neck, it's Mr. Reaper (Mr. Reaper)
Walk up super sneaky, spin ‘em like a CD
Drivin' in a car that I'll be leavin' (I be- I be-)
Man, I'm tweakin' (Yeah-yeah)
I'm drowsy, fuck, I'm tryin' super hard to focus
In the walls, rats, rats and fuckin' locusts, hah

Bridge 2: BLCKK
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Suck my fuckin' dick

Verse 4: BLCKK
I'ma fuck up yo' whole face, put you in a rat race
Shove you in a bathtub and kick a fucking toaster in it
I'on like you or your friends, lil' bitch
I can smell that shit from miles, you a snitch
I'ma make ya' fucking body start twitching
I'm tryna cut you open, motherfucka, stop flinchin'
And if I had to choose between fuckin' with you and dyin'
I'm tying up a knot around my neck and straight divin'
Fuck my life, I'ma hang my wife
I'ma tell the fucking cops the stupid bitch was suicidal
Kill yourself, you a goddamn clown
I'ma force feed ya' cyanide and put you on a unicycle

Verse 5: BRUHMANEGOD & Royalty the Kidd
Meatman, I'm the muthafuckin' meatman (Okay, okay)
Careful where you creep, man (Okay)
I will fuckin' eat, man (Okay)
I will brew a soup (Yeah)
I am from Peru (Yeah)
Start a war between the continents
Rocket full of pocket lint
Lackin' human common sense (Ayy, ayy)
I don't tote poles, I jus' toke bowls (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Smoking with some moles you know
I'd never rhyme that shit with chokehold
I feel like a crackhead, every day
Bam, Spider Gang, and we want a plot of land (Yes)
You no Spider, you's a fly so you get banned (Banned)
Walk around with my hand in my pants (In my pants)
Understand you are not from the strand (Fuck, shit)
So you fucked up, hug the spider truck (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Wanna ride when we drive by cause we tight as fuck
In the trunk and we finna hit numerous speed bumps
Runner-ups get run over but only the knees crush

Verse 6: Lil Darkie
Yuh, yuh, I have an erection, I have no direction
Slipping on a liquid, non-addictive, like its borin'
But it's not it got me soarin', I'm trippin' into my core
And I'm waiting patiently, fade into sofa gracefully
Maple leaf, thinking 'bout when the paper leave
How am I gonna pay for weed? (Ugh, fuck)
Kick it like it's Liu Kang or Ip Man
I just wanna stick the tip in
It do hang like a Nike from a shoestring
I'm creepin', doing acid is my new thing
It seep into my brain and it do sting
Like electricity, he pissing me off
He going missing like decision to be soft like a kitten
I'm spitting niggas into submission
And written 'em out of existence
Like Light Yagami, dark sodomy
She like a meatman, bitch, I'm a butcher I cut off yo' leg
Turn you into a seat man, I'll make a feet fan
"Decrease your prices," I'll increase my vices
Mixed herbs and spices inside of my eyelids

You smoke crack, you is basically Christian
Meth in my pipe, man, that shit hit different
You smoke crack, you is basically Christian
Meth in my pipe, man, that shit hit different
You smoke crack, you is basically Christian
Meth in my pipe, man, that shit hit different
You smoke crack, you is basically Christian
Meth in my pipe, man, that shit hit different

Yah, hahahahaha
You better be smoking meth, bitch
Where's my mom? (Where's my fuckin' father?) Spider, Spider Gang, Spider Gang, Spider Gang?
Excuse me, is that Spider Gang? Hello? Is that Spider Gang? Hello?
Some spiders, Spider Gang
S-S-S-Spider? S-S-Spider?
Spider Gang, Spider Gang, Spider Gang
Hey listen, hey listen, hey, hey, hey, It's Spider Gang
Spider Gang

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Song Facts

A bunch of methheads going hard. not much else to say. mix of trap metal, freestyle, screamo and rap.

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