by Chief Keef with: Mike WiLL Made-It

Aug 21, 2020
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Lyrics for BANG BANG by Chief Keef:

Ayy (Bang-bang)
Sos' baby
Bang, bang, bang

Verse 1
Where I'm from you won't get shit with a handout
When I come through the city, niggas bring them bands out
Sound of the semi often sounding like we brought the pans out
I'm a hot boy, someone please bring the fans out
Make a bitch work, work, work, work, like Rihanna
Stash the twenties, stack the fifties, when I look up, I see hundreds
Man, you know how it feel if you never had nothin'
I can't know how you feel if you never said somethin' (Get that money)
I be runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
Remember on the block gunnin', gunnin', gunnin', gunnin', gunnin'
Now I'm getting money, monеy, money, money, money, monеy
You can tell by my tummy, tummy, tummy, yummy, yummy
Remember selling dope out granny's, for my family
Now I can buy my granny a fucking Bentley
Fuck the rap game, fuck I look like buyin' a Plan B
But I gotta get this money, do you understand me?
I'ma fuck my trigger raw until that bitch saying, "Keef
Turn that Xbox off, 'cause ain't no bitch playing me"
Trying to play with me, you better off plannin' Plan B
'Cause your plan A didn't work, and I didn't understand each
Just got a call from my mama, she want another
Twenty racks, she will always be the one that's one up
Hop out the car, it smell like thunder, I wish you'd run up
I don't crush a lot, I can't, let me call Big Pun up

Bang bang, bang, bang bang, bang (Bang)
Bang bang, bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang bang, bang
Bang bang, bang, bang, bang, (Bang)

Verse 2
In the trap steady walkin' to the peephole
Now I'm in a mansion, don't know my gate code
In the party, woo woo, okay ho
She gon' come through the back with the Draco
No cash ain't no on stage ho
Can't come through the front with the bankroll
She ran in the building, I was like, "Hey, bro
Who bitch in the front with the mango?"
Chief Sosa, I'm Mufasa, Rastafari bombaclota
We turn you to a water, lil' nigga, please don't get mopped up
My pistol Mad Max, I been running 'round with shottas
I'm the alley cat and you the rat that run around with coppers
Bitch, I'm balling so damn hard I think I need a Fiji water
Swear that money be my baby, hello Sosa, you're the father
Excuse me bro, do you sell dope? Fuck you a federale?
I'm a boss and these niggas hoes, that's why he fell behind me
I'm so fly, I'm so fly, in Hawaii eating Thai
You gotta pay me for a comment, and that comment might be why
Asian ho, say she think I'm nice, why 'cause I eat rice?
Bitch, I'm mean, go and get your things, you can spend the night
Bitch, I flex, flexing on my ex with a fucking check
You think you hot 'cause you got a box, your shit could get checked
I'm so hard, with a bitch box, I be playing chess
Oh my God, what a bitter road, we hit 'em in the chest
Now he dead, leave his ass red, hit him with high tech
That mean my tech so fucking high, hit ten for six in that
Like you was bad before Christmas Eve, bitch, that's what you get
Like I was blind, then that happened to night, I don't know where you at

Bang bang, bang, bang bang, bang (Bang)
Bang bang, bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang bang, bang
Bang bang, bang, bang, bang, (Bang)
(Mike WiLL Made-It)

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Song Facts

Mike Will Made-It and Chief Keef released a new-old song, titled “Bang Bang" which was recorded in 2016. The track is the first single from the pair’s forthcoming collaborative album, which they just announced. They released the music video on BigGucciSosa Channel 26/08/2020 in which apparently chief keef is taking shots at New York rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine with a rat-man in the video snitching on Chief Keef and his cousin Tadoe.

Tekashi was named a “rat” by the hip-hop industry after his infamous September 2019 testimony in the case of United States vs. Nine Trey Bloods where he testified against the Nine Trey gang members for a lighter prison sentence. For his cooperation, he was sentenced to only two years in prison instead of the much-heavier 47 years sentence for his crimes.

The single arrives during a busy few months for Mike Will, who has recently worked alongside artists like Lil Yachty, Polo G, Chloe x Halle, Gunna, and Young Thug. For Keef’s part, “Bang Bang” arrives after the release of The GloFiles (Pt.4) in March.

Keef and Mike Will’s joint project also represents Keef’s return to music after concentrating on e-sports for the last year. While the rapper has been building hype for his album Almighty So 2, Keef has decided to focus on the album with Mike Will for now. The two have been collaborative partners since Keef’s debut album, Finally Rich.

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