Lyrics for Popcorn by Solillaquists of Sound:

Verse 1: Alexandrah

Covered in stuttering young cause of cluttered hunger lines
Everyone's a customer of something they despise
Just along for the ride
Tube it moved the social climb
Into visual war which time
Lets regrets as slippery
Butter smothered witchery
It's a spectator's crime
Didn't never know the price
Tuck me in with bad advice
Wonder why the children play
Better in a stepford state?
Not a one would inquire
All they were interested in was...

Hook: Swamburger x2

We like your teller vision
But the television is telling us to vision
More than what you're telling us
Don't get jealous pops
Give us what we need
I'm a seed, nurture me
No water please

Verse 2: Swamburger

Knocked on pops to get a bag of their very own to be like the Jones' next door
"What do you want it for?" Pop would say
Hesitant to cop for corn
Shop for jawns they never touched after a year or two
Anyway, a penny saved he figured, until a day's delay...
The carnival came in town packed with clowns
Now, how's this gonna go down?
Pop's contemplating...
"Popcorn's just a date away from kids going mad."
So he calls em over to his lap
Begins a rap about vegetables
Hoping it'll distract'em from the pop spectacle
Guess you know the rest
Thinking what the kids stressed...

Hook x2

Bridge: Jeff Ilgenfritz x2

Got no silver, got no gold
With no woman by my side
Just an old road spectre soul
Along for the ride

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Song Facts

With the release of their sophomore album No More Heroes (the second in a trilogy of conceptually-linked records for Anti-), Orlando-based hip hop quartet Solillaquists of Sound have accomplished the rare feat of creating a body of work that’s as palatable to the public as it is groundbreaking, imaginative, and rewarding to listeners looking for something more in the soundtrack to their lives.

Popcorn is the most popular song from No More Heroes. Solilla uses popcorn as a metaphor for bandwagon consumption. “Pop” in popcorn refers to popular culture.

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