by B-NARD with: Boss Luchie


Lyrics for Billybounce by B-NARD:

This nigga crazy bounce bounce bounce hold up wait

Verse 1 be the steas be to movin never worried bout a hater im just focused on my crew (yeah) yeah these hoes be dirty yeah it true yeah you might just have a problem if you knew i hit the party like (2!) niggas lookin at me like "boy who are you"? if my team said there's a problem i can't fuck wit you lemme love the crew im just chasing that bag that's what i love to do no im not throwing no shade no im not coming for you if you want you can have it pull up with the magic got the gas so its mad lit seen that ass yeah its mad thicc why you mad cuz you ain't hit is it cuz yo nigga ain't shit why you actin like you stressin is it cuz yo nigga ain't shit get used to the lame switch im the nigga that you came with rocking with the same clique why you actin like a lame bitch
What is it yo whats up i know you busy didn't mean to interrupt i gotta tell you something, girl you cute af i know you hear this often not tryna sice you up girl, so tell me what you want and i can give it to you if you really want girl yeah i know its been so long girl but we can head back to the crib and blow some strong girl yeah
verse:boss luchie dance with me baby you nervous give you five

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