Burning Down the House

by Talking Heads

Jun 01, 1983

Lyrics for Burning Down the House by Talking Heads:

Verse 1
Watch out, you might get what you're after
Cool, babies! Strange but not a stranger
I'm an ordinary guy
Burning down the house

Verse 2
Hold tight, wait 'til the party's over
Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather
There has got to be a way
Burning down the house

Chorus 1
Here's your ticket, pack your bag, it's time for jumping overboard
The transportation is here
Close enough but not too far, maybe you know where you are
Fighting fire with fire, ah!

Verse 3
All wet, here, you might need a raincoat
Shakedown, dreams walking in broad daylight
Three hundred sixty-five degrees
Burning down the house

Chorus 2
It was once upon a place, sometimes I listen to myself
Gonna come in first place
People on their way to work say, “Baby, what did you expect?”
Gonna burst into flame, ah!

Synthesizer Solo

Burning down the house

Verse 4
My house is out of the ordinary
That’s right, don't wanna hurt nobody
Some things sure can sweep me off my feet
Burning down the house

Chorus 3
No visible means of support and you have not seen nothing yet
Everything's stuck together
I don't know what you expect staring into the TV set
Fighting fire with fire, ah!

Instrumental Outro

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Song Facts

“Burning Down The House” is a song by the American new wave band, Talking Heads. It was released in July 1983 on their fifth studio album, Speaking in Tongues. Chris Frantz said that the title of the song came from a chant screamed by the audience during a Parliment-Funkadelic concert.

“Burning Down the House” became Talking Heads' highest charting single in North America. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as #8 in Canada. However, it failed to chart outside of North America. It didn’t appear in the UK Singles Chart at all until Tom Jones and The Cardigans covered it and made it a Top 10 hit in 1999.

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