One Day All This Could be Yours - Remastered

by Oceansize

Sep 29, 2003

Lyrics for One Day All This Could be Yours - Remastered by Oceansize:

Disconnect, an impossible divorce that put the life into you
That's too late to abort
I never gave you the time that you deserved
I never gave you even half of what you're worth

My beautiful son, can you feel it inside you?
My son, could you beat me black and blue
For all the doubt and apathy?
Just trying to keep your feet on the floor
Just trying to put the fear into you
Just trying to board up all the doors
And I can't tell anymore

And maybe you'll realise when you take those little tests
The more you breathe, the more you age, you know yourself even less

Nobody ever said they'd love you forever
They grow you up and let you down
And separate forever

One day all this could be yours

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