by Lil Darkie

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Lyrics for RIGHT ON by Lil Darkie:

If you are not already, please get drunk before listening to this song

Part 1

Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!

Verse 1
I need something to draw, need something to write on
I see electricity in the pylons
Look at it running the race, everything you doing erased
What it feel like? Hit with the mace
Tight pace that I'm keeping, got the reaper on me
Like you, what the hell would I be?
Without it, if you think it, shout it
Lost my mind, i think I found it, away
Live to fight, another bright day
I am God, so why would I pray?
You are God, above a white page
The creator, maker of rage
Painter paint the canvas, I ate the mantis
I saved the pandas, I hate they brand us
Can us like some Campbells
Jesus had no socks under his sandals
I can't ride a bike without the handles
I can't ride a scooter, have a tutor
Shoot the Buddha, eat some gouda
Say it ruder, tell who did I trample
Ramble on about some nonsense, I'm unconscious
I don't have cricket for a conscience
Kelp forest, where the magic conch is
Violent crucifying like I'm Pontius
Pilot flying high above Olympus
She's an angel, give that bitch a nimbus
Bengal tiger biting off your fingers
How am I supposed to eat these Pringles?
Image in your head is how I want it
Finish on the bed and lie upon it

Right on (Yuh, yuh)
Right on (Yuh, yuh)
Right on (Yuh, yuh)
Right on (Yuh, yuh)
Right on (Yuh, yuh)
Right on (Yuh, yuh)
On (Woah)
(Yuh, yuh)

Part 2

Lil Darkie
Just might give a fuck
Lil Darkie!
Just might give a fuck
Spider Gang

In the car, I'm moving fast
Foot up on the gas
Everything we tend to pass
Leave it in the past
I know what my momma asked
I just didn't answer
Got her foot up on the dash
She my tiny dancer

Verse 1
She my tiny dancer
Move it hula girl
Not a girl with cuter curls
I'ma stack these commas
We could be like the Obamas (Huh)
We could rule the world
Baby girl, just pick a country
Ain't worried bout no money
Ain't worried bout no-

Foot up on the gas
Everything we tend to pass
Leave it in the past
I know what my momma asked
I just didn't answer
Got her foot up on the dash
She my tiny dancer

Verse 2
Breakin-breaking down the gas
Don't want, smoke want cancer
You could-you could-you could ask
You can't get me canceled
Shake it-shake it-shake your ass
How it in your pants too?
How he do it?
You could ask
Grip this pen no pencil
Baby-baby-baby girl
Shake that ass for a nigga, I'll give you the world
Man, I love it how you bend your back and make it curl
Yeah, I put that necklace on yo' shit like pearls
Yeah, I cook that rock I stir it, make it twirl

Part 3

I got a story for y'all (Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, I do, I do, I do)
But I gotta kinda build it up a little bit (Lil bit, lil bit, lil bit)
I've been having a lot of bad dreams lately (I have, I have, I have)
And no matter what the fuck I do they won't go away
(They won't, they won't, they won't)
So I'ma talk about the place in my brain that I think they stay

Verse 3
I had a dream about that nigga there in that photo (Okay, okay)
I had a dream that I shot you and yo' niggas in that photo
And it ain't right, bad dreams clouding up my sight
Can't get any rest in the night
Why the hell when I close my eyes am I not surprised? Someone always dies
Why the hell when when I close my pupils someone you lose comes to life
There ain't shit to fight, there ain't shit to point at with the pipe
Somethin' in my mental isn't right
Maybe it's all the hatin' ass niggas talkin' to me every day
About how the fuck they got a problem with what I be doin'
Maybe it's this hatin' ass bitch tellin' Lil Darkie not to say
The n-word even though she ain't knew him
And I'm always talking about spreadin' love and positivity
So maybe it's a little hard for me to put that shit behind me, and say screw 'em
Or lawyer up and go sue 'em, what am I doin'?
It's hard for me to let go of the hate
Especially when I want you to do great
Especially when them fuckers stall my fate
And you distractin' me because you ain't
Wit' it now my brain say slit it, take yo' blood and paint wit' it
Do it 'till you faint, do it 'till you can't anymore
I'll do this 'till I can't anymore
Is that my blood, or the paint on the floor?
Is that my blood, or the paint on the floor
I'm just a person who's mental state
Tend to worsen now I'm cursin' on a track
Oh you wear a beanie? That jack is my night cap
I'm spittin' heavy you ain't ready insider you might crack
I knew a mother of one son, one daughter, liked crack
She was my friend, she got kicked out of her apartment
For bringing the children harm, and it's scarring
My brain alarmin', I saw it
Her husband drink until he barely was thinking
They like my music though (Oh, we love your music!)
I see you got them bodies but you ain't actin' a human though
How you let your kids see you separate then abuse 'em though?
Momma smokin' cigs on the corner and daddy boozin' mo'
Now that bitch a racist 'cause her husband is
Fuckin' wit' darker faces, ain't puttin' dick where her waist is
And she can't afford no braces to give her daughter some teeth
But she talking to one my friends
About how she would suck his dick if he drove her to ATM
So she the pullin' the money out and she spendin' it all on coke
Now she broker and want it back so she switchin' over to crack
I rap about whippin' rock but I never do that for real
'Cause it's funny just when you talk and it's not when you skippin' meals
And it's not when your skin, it peels
And it's, not when you makin' deals
And it's not when you got the cops taking children away it feels
Too close to home

Part 4

Tell us another one, Darkie...
I'll try
(No ad-libs)
Yeah, yeah

Verse 4
Back in high school, uh, I had this girl
She meant the world to a nigga, that's a pearl, that's a gem
In the end, she ended up wit' my friend
Now let me tell you how this steaming pile of bullshit began
Back in sophomore year, I couldn't drop more tears (Uh)
Because my last girl kicked me to the curb, not in the city in the 'burbs
I'm sittin' pretty with the birds, finally over that shit
Uh, will anybody love me? Pulling clovers I rip, them out
In PE I'm sittin' out, but she just wanna talk
She invite me to her crib after class, okay, why not?
I'm door knockin', but she took me inside, led me to her room
Uh, then she pulled off all my clothes without askin' me she assumed I was for it
I should have known right there, mission abort it
Ain't no relationship she want, she want dick and she looking for it
She said, "Did you bring the condoms" as if I had caused a problem
I'm lying naked on her bed feeling raped and fucked in the head
So she apologized, "I'm just into taller guys"
She said that she was in the wrong, and I shouldn't tell anyone
So I forgave her. First mistake
It's hard to say it when you love someone that person fake
Mistook attention for true love and so we start to date
I'm with the bitch for two years and it's perfect, wait
It's senior year and she telling me she want smoke
And do drugs like the lean and coke
And she thinkin' that datin' me it prevent her from bein' free
I'm like "Baby, what do you mean? I been giving you everything
I been living my life for you, I thought we were part of a team?"
And so she leave, and my homie tell me I'll be fine, and that he really feel me
Dealing poorly start to smoke a lot, now I'm a fucking greenie
Caught a case, so she definitely stay away, no free me
At lunch I see her wit' him and I know that he can see me
Hoe meet me at the bike racks, fight back
You bony piece of shit, you was my homie, I ain't know that it was like that
But that nigga might be the reason that I write raps
Hope my Indian fingers might put a divot in yo' white ass
Uh, bullied in middle school and bullied after I did time
Commit crimes, I ain't worried 'bout fuckin', I want that money and I lick minds
Bumpin' ScHoolboy Q, having some sick times
Sellin' weed, and you know you my nigga if you get big dimes
I was born from the darkness, once an innocent kid, spray paintin' where the park is
Don't go swimmin' where the shark is
(Well, I hope you enjoyed that story of my youth
Now it's time for this journey through my mind to come to an end
I hope you're ready)

Part 5

(Please keep all hands, arms, feet, and legs inside your thoughts at all times)

Verse 5
Troubled kid with the troubled mind, troubled kid with the troubled past
In the trouble I grew up fast, in the rubble I sit my ass down
I’ll smoke you like I smoke that grass, I broke him like I broke that glass, I dropped out ain't got no class
Had to cut off a lot of friends, had to cut off a lot of people
Cause lots of people round me were evil, cause lots of niggas were weak and feeble
Thank God that I got out alive
My momma never lost faith in my mind


Verse 6
When I was young
I used to play with Legos 'till the morning sun
I used to play with Legos now it's boring, son
No one would play with me, I’m the foreign one
He ain't had no butthole, so I tore him one
I didn't know what a country was now I'm touring one
All I wanna do is get on tracks, I was born to run
In the field I grip that stick, it's a hole in one
Why would you commit a crime with a stolen gun?
Rat-a-tat-tat, grip that gat, and push his hat back
Is yo momma proud of you now?
No she's not this much is true now

Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!
Right on!

As you go, remember this:
Where there is Yin, there is always Yang

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Song Facts

“RIGHT ON” is the last track in Darkie’s 2020 mixtape “YIN”. The track is a whopping ten minutes and three seconds long, making it Darkie’s third track to ever cross over the ten-minute mark. As is typical with Darkie’s long-format songs, this one also contains a multitude of beat switches and tends to stick to a theme; which, in this case, could easily be thought to be pleasure, greed, or gluttony, and the various ways that those characteristics drastically change people.

Kicking off with a crazy gunk rock type beat, and very abruptly transitioning into a dreamy trap beat with a very hypnotic & relaxed style akin to that of “THE SANDS OF TIME”, the beat then morphs into a platform for Darkie to share a couple of freestyled/punched in personal stories in a way that harkens back to “DARKIE STILL CANNOT RAP”, after which we finally blast off into some intense rock featuring Darkie “letting out” his pain with some truly cathartic sounding screams.

In the first story, Darkie begins with some of his personal struggles with the new addition of fame and mass attention in his life. Later, he explains that he met some fans of his who really impacted the way he views parenthood and drug addiction as a whole.

The second story goes into detail about the origins of Darkie. In high school, Darkie struggled with love. In the end, his girlfriend of two years left him, and the events that transpired soon after would be the ones to inspire him to become Darkie the most. You can listen to a little bit more about this story in Darkie’s interview on “The Mars Files” here.

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