Golden Eye

by Action Bronson

Sep 09, 2020
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Lyrics for Golden Eye by Action Bronson:

Yeah, yeah
It's Baklava (Yah, yah)
Sweet as broken dates (Yah, yah)
Only For Dolphins
Uh, Queen shit
Millennium thugs
(Yeah, yeah)
(It's the sweetest love)

Verse 1
When they landed here, your boy was stranded here
Kind of crazy, started all this shit with just a strand of hair
Me and my wife all night swing from the chandeliers
Fucking acrobatic artistry, bitch pardon me
You could feel this like some H inside your artery
Give love to the departed, always know they'll be a part of me
On expensive rugs I spill chardonnay
My initial script cursive on the headrest of the beige target seat
Better maintain low tones when you talking to me
Fuck around and get your sea bass smothered
I'll choke you the fuck out like I'm a Diaz brother
Then I'll jump back in the sports car, bumpin' Heavy D
Bitch I'm very me
Look it's Bronson smoking drugs under the cherry tree
It's him, baby

The sweetest love
It's the sweetest love I've ever known
(I love-love-love-love-love you)
The sweetest love, the sweetest love

Verse 2
Twenty Kawasakis looking like wild horses on stampede
I look like a character that was drawn by Stan Lee
Strength like Žydrūnas Savickas, speed of a crackhead
Took five minutes to get from here to Baghdad
All around the world I'm known by different names
Never the real one 'cause motherfucker shit done changed
Spin a revolver when it's high noon and lift that brain
Baby just fix the plate up so I can whip this plane
I need to focus, dear, but there's all this hash, need some smoke in here
If we get attacked in the woods, I'll have to choke the bear
It's all a bunch of smoke and mirrors
Just give me a moment baby, don't get near me
(Don't fuckin' touch me, please)

The sweetest love
It's the sweetest love I've ever known
(I love-love-love-love-love you)
I love you, I love you
I miss you, I kiss you, I need you

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