by Caleb Hyles

Mar 11, 2017

Lyrics for Megalovania by Caleb Hyles:

Human child, depraved and vile
In your smile, the terror of a killer
When you stand before the mirror
Do you still hold your head high?

Carved their sentence with a knife
Stole the gift that they called life
So now you'll stand and answer for yourself
Prepare for a living Hell

You chose to have LOVED and lost
Knowing well that they'd never get the chance to see each other again
Can you hear their memories calling from within?

Was it really worth the cost?
Was it you who deserved to be the one that's standing in the end?
Can you feel the darkness crawling with your sins?

The time has come
Nowhere to run
Answer now for your sins

Murderous child, full of greed
Was this really what you dreamed?

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