System Preferences

by Tera Melos

Aug 25, 2017

Lyrics for System Preferences by Tera Melos:

Tried to erase what you saved in the front of your mind
But it's not what you thought it's a permanent line
And you moved it around from the front to the side
Of the middle in the back of the corner aligned
With the rest of the times that you figured were gone
From the drive but they're not they're still plenty alive
And they haunt and they haunt playing tricks on your eyes
Like a grade school science fair champion prize
The effect was a pepper's ghost visualized
Too young to see the relation and why
Right click right now writing everything off
All the warnings that came down from the tip of the top
Now you drip and you drop at the scene of the site
Like it's your system preference

Patience boy 'cause Satan's all of the time
Everywhere that you look even when it's benign
And he still just waits in the queue of your head
As the line wraps around every corner and then
Gets burned in your memory every time
Gets burned in the screen of your favorite eye
And don't worry 'bout space or available bytes
There's a billion more things you're gonna save

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