Jane Doe

by Converge

Sep 04, 2001

Lyrics for Jane Doe by Converge:

These floods of you are unforgiving
Pushing past me spilling through the banks
And I fall
Faster than light and faster than time
That's how memory works
At least in the dark where I'm searching for meaning
When I'm just searching for something
I want out
Out of every awkward day
Out of every tongue tied loss
I want out
Out of the burdening night sweats
Out of the rising seas of blood
Lost in you like Saturday nights
Searching the streets with bedroom eyes
Just dying to be saved
Run on girl
Run on

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Song Facts

As with all of the songs on this album, “Jane Doe” doesn’t have any accurate official lyrics. The liner notes are distorted, revealing only a few words. Converge released the lyrics on their website, but they share more similarities with poems rather than a coherent transcription.

(The liner notes for this song)

The name Jane Doe is used as a placeholder name when the real name is unknown or not released to the public. Patients at hospitals or mental institutions are admitted under these names when their real name is not known.

The reasoning behind the name could possibly be that since Jacob Bannon’s relationship at the time was dissolving, he and his then-girlfriend were drifting further and further apart. Therefore, he could have felt as if she was nothing more than a stranger to him anymore.

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