Ripe (With Decay)

by Nine Inch Nails

Sep 21, 1999
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Lyrics for Ripe (With Decay) by Nine Inch Nails:


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Song Facts

“Ripe” is the final track, an atmospheric instrumental, on The Fragile vinyl. “Ripe (With Decay)” is the final track on The Fragile CD and cassette, with an extra part at the end.

The song “Ripe” is a very moody, dark finale to The Fragile. The cassette and CD versions of the song feature an additional section, “Decay”. Many of the instruments sound out of tune or oddly tuned, and some of the parts seem to be incomplete. Trent Reznor spoke on this, saying that The Fragile was supposed to be a continuation of The Downward Spiral, with the protagonist going from happy to depressed on the first side (Left), then finding new hope on (Right) only to lose it again.

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