Come Live With Me Angel

by Marvin Gaye

Mar 16, 1976
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Lyrics for Come Live With Me Angel by Marvin Gaye:

Come live with me, angel
Come live with me in comfort

Verse 1
(I want to be your lover)
I want to understand your moods, baby
(I want to be your lover)
I really, really
(I want to be your lover)
When you want some solitude, sugar
(I want to be your lover)
You can have it, ooh yeah baby
(I want to be your lover)
Darling, please walk around nude (three times a day)
So I can get you baby
I want to intrude at least (three times a day)
In all the ways baby, whoo
You can have your way if you decide to stay


Verse 2
Ooh, this is where all your fantasies end
Let me explore all your treasures
I'll turn you on to all of those freakish pleasures
Good experienced company
Like me who knows all the ways
Is what you need baby
Just you and me locked up for days
After we eat breakfast in bed
Turn on the music for our head


Oh, Angel, come on Go with me
Please, come on go with me
I said please
Sweet little thing
It's no mystery
How much I want you
I want you baby
I want you
I want you, can't you see?
I'll give you everything
Sweet, little sexy thing
I want you to live with me
Come on Sweet thing
Come on live with me, girl
Come on baby

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Song Facts

“Come Live With Me, Angel” is all about two lovers living in total isolation together. Seclusion was the name of the game when Marvin recorded the track, having recently bought a home in the hills of Topanga, California to be alone with his then-girlfriend and future wife Janis Hunter.

A number of things drove Marvin and Jan into the hills. Firstly, the soul singer was still married to Anna Gordy at the time and Marvin did not wish to have his young new lover thrust into the limelight just yet, especially given the incredible success he achieved with Let’s Get it On and the public attention that ensued.

In the song, Marvin promises to be a “good, experienced” guide to Jan in bed but even in his most sensual ballads to the woman he loves, he cannot help but appeal to her to not just be with him now but to “live with” him.

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