My Name Is Jonas

by Weezer

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“One of my favourites. This album is so damn good. ”

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Lyrics for My Name Is Jonas by Weezer:

Verse 1
My name is Jonas
I'm carryin' the wheel
Thanks for all you've shown us
But this is how we feel
Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea
Just like grandma made, when we couldn't find sleep
Things were better then, once but never again
We've all left the den, let me tell you about it

Chorus 1
The choo-choo train left right on time
A ticket cost only your mind
The driver said, "Hey man, we go all the way"
Of course we were willing to pay

Verse 2
My name is Wepeel
Got a box full of your toys
They're fresh out of batteries
But they're still making noise, making noise
Tell me what to do, now the tank is dry
Now this wheel is flat, and you know what else?
Guess what I received in the mail today
Words of deep concern from my little brother

Chorus 2
The building's not goin' as he planned
The foreman has injured his hand
The dozer will not clear a path
The driver swears he learned his math

Bridge 1
The workers are going home, the workers are going home
The workers are going home, the workers are going home, yeah!

Bridge 2
The workers are going home, the workers are going home
The workers are going home, yeah, yeah, yeah!

My name is Jonas

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Song Facts

“My Name is Jonas” is a song about lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s brother, Leaves, and a car accident that he got into. It deals with themes of childhood, nostalgia, and fraternity.

The character Jonas was also planned as the protagonist of Weezer’s abandoned rock opera, Songs From The Black Hole. He is often assumed to be a stand-in for Cuomo.

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