Fever To The Form

by Nick Mulvey

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“An oldie but goldie. Taken from the 2013 album. ”

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Lyrics for Fever To The Form by Nick Mulvey:

So whether music or madness
We live by one of the two
By one of the two
So go on, fill your heart up with gladness
Not a moment too soon
Not a moment too soon

Should we ration the reasons
Choose a child to ignore
Of this I've never been sure
So I will follow the feeling
And sing fever to the form
All of my fever to the form


Cause the very thing you're afraid, afraid of
It keeps you clean but unclear
Clean but unclear
Is the dirt that you're made, you're made of
And that's nothing to fear
No, it's nothing my dear

But how do I know what you're thinking
Maybe I thought it before
Maybe that's why I'm at your window
Hear me at your door
Singing give me some more

Oh fever to the form
Won't you hear me at your door
Singing give me some more

Cause you were never empty
And we've been here before
Yes, we've been here before
And that was always plenty
Yet still we ask for more
Singing fever to the form

Ohh ohh ohhhhhhhh

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Song Facts

Arguably, Fever to the form is an exploration of the duality of the human soul, both its incredibly complex emotional wants, and the basic fabric of being. In the song, Nick Mulvey describes the very things that we fear are the things we rely on. There is also a subtle hint to the order and chaos in life by way of the first line.

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