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“Classic. The chorus on this is tip top.”

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Lyrics for Kilotin by Fireside:

Don't come close to me
I won't let you in
And don't you point your finger
That proves that your not housebroken
Maybe I'm the one to blame
Correcting you for what you said
But you came much too close
And I don't want you to think like that

When I keep to myself
Its because I know that I don't have
Anything to offer you

I can't keep up with my life
Too much, too fast
I don't know what to do
I need some time to clear my mind and get it back together
I'm amazed by things you say
And things you do along the way
And if I have the looks you do then maybe I could do that too
But I don't think so

Once in a while, I need to hear that I'm OK
Why can't you tell me that I´m OK?

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Song Facts

“Kilotin” is the first single from Do Not Tailgate. It was released as the title track of its own 1995 EP, containing 2 songs found on all versions of Do Not Tailgate (“Kilotin” and “Cement”) and two songs not included on some original releases of the album (“In Place” and “Not In My Palace”).

“Kilotin” did not chart, but the album’s next single “Left Rustle” reached #42 in Sweden.

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