Friend Zone

by Thundercat


Lyrics for Friend Zone by Thundercat:

Verse 1
I'm your biggest fan, but I guess that's just not good enough
Is it cause I wear my hair weird or because I like to play Diablo
Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking 'bout
Cause I really don't wanna have to spell it out
And next time you call me
I'm gon' sit and stare at the screen
Waiting for the call to end

Chorus 1
You stuck me in the friend zone
That's that bullshit
I'm gonna play Diablo either way
You can come or you can go

Verse 2
Because I'd rather play Mortal Kombat anyway, hey
I'm all about my Johnny Cage
If you're not bringing tacos I suggest you start to walk away
Bitch don't kill my vibe
I can tell you've kinda got uncomfortable
So let me break it down for you
Don't call me, don't text me, after 2am
Unless you plan on giving me some
Cause I got enough friends

Chorus 2
I will throw you in the garbage
'Cause you play too many games
I'm better off by myself
Loving you's bad for my health

No one wants to be in the friend zone
Friend zone, friend zone

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