Lava Lamp

by Thundercat

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Lyrics for Lava Lamp by Thundercat:

Verse 1
Sometimes you have to let go
To free fall away
I won't judge you anymore
'Cause sometimes I needed to
Free fall far away
Out of sight, out of mind

Verse 2
I'm so tired
Where can I lay my head?
I'll just close my eyes
Hope I wake up dead
Don't want to live without you
Don't leave me out here to die

Maybe another time and space
When I can look you in the face
Far, far away
Maybe in another life

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Song Facts

“Lava Lamp” finds Thundercat musing on death. It seems he’s set on chasing somebody who’s gone before him, perhaps his late friend and fellow Brainfeeder musician Austin Peralta, who sadly passed away in 2012. He finishes the song by finding a silver lining – maybe “in another life” he’ll see them again.

The themes of death continue into the next track, “Jethro.”

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