Cut Self Not

by Faraquet

Nov 14, 2000

Lyrics for Cut Self Not by Faraquet:

Cut self not
To validate the life as whole
I would say
How splintered and locked away

Tired of sin
Here I am afraid
To set the ties and attain

To be caught up in it somehow
Here in your mind

Cut self not
Just forget a battle with split self
I would fail
So what if I walked away

Take a second and look at what you have
Take a second and look at what you don't have
One with another locked out
On my own, it's the same thing

Sometimes I get it
No time to get it

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Song Facts

The song seems to be simply about not inflicting self harm (stated in the title of the song), as well as the vicious struggle of trying to convince oneself or someone else to step away from self harm.

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