Reach Out

by Marc Rebillet

Sep 14, 2018
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“One man. A laptop. A midi keyboard. A microphone. Imagination. The king of improv music.”

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Lyrics for Reach Out by Marc Rebillet:

When you're down and out
And you don't know what to do
Just reach out for me
And when you're confused, baby
I'm gonna help you find your way
Oh baby I'll be there
Just reach out your hand
I'm gonna catch you outta thin air baby

Reach out
Reach out
Reach out
Reach out
I'll be there to catch ya
Reach out (yeah)
Reach out (I'll be there to catch ya)
Reach out (Ill be there just reach out there)
Reach out (Oh baby)
Reach out (I'm gonna catch ya)
Reach out
Reach out (Yea baby gonna catch ya)
Reach out
Reach out

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