Bezos I

by Bo Burnham


Lyrics for Bezos I by Bo Burnham:

CEO, entrepreneur
Born in 1964
Jeffrey, Jeffrey Bezos
CEO, entrepreneur
Born in 1964
Jeffrey, Jeffrey Bezos

Come on, Jeffrey, you can do it
Pave the way, put your back into it
Tell us why, show us how
Look at where you came from, look at you now
Zuckerberg and Gates and Buffett
Amateurs can fuckin' suck it
Fuck their wives, drink their blood
Come on, Jeff, get 'em

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Song Facts

“Bezos I” is the seventh track from Bo Burnham’s May 2021 Netflix special, Inside. The song mocks Amazon’s former CEO Jeff Bezos for his seemingly endless wealth and ability to get away with anything—it is reprised later with the appropriately titled “Bezos II.”

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