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You can now access artist pages via the `Artists` link in the main menu and via the artist name on a shared song post's page.

There's lots of interesting info (courtest of and you'll be able to get to any songs posted by any user for the artist in question. Enjoy!!

Forgotten Passwords

If you signed up to the site using your email address and you've gone and forgotten your password do not worry! All is fine. Simply click the 'Forgot Password?' link at the bottom of the Sign In page to reset it.

Lots of updates

Loads of changes this's a quick break down

  • Your Songs as a Playlist - if you signed up using Spotify, every song you post is added to an 'OnMyDeck' tailored playlist of your favourites! Handy. You will see this playlist in your Spotify account. In addition, you can share your OnMyDeck profile page with friends - it contains a link to launch your playlist for all to see as well!
  • Open in Spotify - Every song posted can now be launched in the Spotify site/app via a link on the post detail page. Also handy.
  • Profile Image - You can now upload a new profile image if you haven't got one or you're tired of the one you have.
  • Email notifications - you will now receieve an email to let you know if someone has interacted with you on the site. If you'd rather not receive these you can toggle them on/off via your profile edit page.
  • Mentions - you can mention other users in your post description or comments using the `@username` syntax. They will then be notified!
  • Your Feed - Once you start following people your feed will start showing you more tailored content.
  • Bug fixes - a few irritating bugs have been destroyed to improve your overall experience. If you see a problem, report it via the Support page.

Don't forget - when you post a song - share it to Twitter and Facebook to get your friends involved.

Profiles - A bit about you...

Users - you can now add a short bit about yourself on your profile. Make it good.

Support & Suggestions

Remember, you can give us direct feedback with any support issues you have here as well as give us any suggestions you think might improve On My Deck. Hit us up!

New Users: Register with your email address

You can now be a part of this music community by registering with your email address. Not everyone wants to sign up with their Facebook or Spotify accounts so this was a natural option to add.

Support & Suggestions

Remember, you can give us direct feedback with any support issues you have here as well as give us any suggestions you think might improve On My Deck. Hit us up!

Search for Artists, their top tracks and Albums

The search has been expanded! You'll now see you can now search for songs to post with the following filters:

  • Songs [] - search for an individual song by name (as before).
  • Artists [] - search for an artist by name and view their most popular tracks.
  • Albums [] - search for an album by name and view it's tracks.


You can now give us direct feedback with any support issues you have here. we are in Beta so expect to see some bugs. Let us know!


You'll now see a new notification icon in the main menu. This will tell you when someone:

  • Comments on your post
  • Likes your post
  • Saves a post to their Spotify Library
  • Follows you

A few big-ish updates

A couple of momentus changes today:

  • You can now sign up/in to the site with Facebook as well as Spotify.
  • You can now edit your Display Name (the name you see on your posts) via the `Profile` screen. This helps especially if you have a random username assigned by Spotify.
  • The `Latest Posts` section of the homepage has been tidied up a was a mess on mobile before.

User Profile Update

The User Profile page has been updated to look a little slicker and work with all the mobile users out there. Enjoy. You have to be logged in to see this page.


The song detail page has been spruced up. Hope you all like it. Feed and Profile page updates to follow…

Bug fixes

Some bug fixes have been added.

  • Follower/ing counts now work on the profile page.
  • You can now see the latest posts tiled on the homepage and click through to the detail even when not logged in.
  • The song posts and likes on the profile page now link through to the post detail.
  • The feed is now visible to view for non-logged in site users.

Beta Launch - We are go!

The first build of the site is now live. You can sign up (with your free Spotify account) and start posting/sharing songs in seconds.

Current features:

  • Sign up with Spotify - you can use a Free account
  • View other user's song posts
  • Comment on any song post
  • Share any song on Twitter or Facebook
  • Search Spotify and post your own songs
  • Follow existing users
  • Like songs (they will show on your Profile screen)
  • Add a song to your Spotify liked songs
  • Preview any song posts

We have some new features already in the pipeline so keep checking back for more info.